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How To Find The Treasure

How to find the treasure and what it takes? Find old egg capsules with coins on the open spaces of our great motherland is not very difficult. Difficult to understand where to look. Filed under: barclays israel. And it is a science, without knowledge that can be dug more than one field and not find even a rusty nail. In this article, we present recommendations Melvin Fisher oblodayuschego unofficial title “King of hunters.” – ‘Find the treasure in principle “but suddenly find” – the lot of amateurs. Professionals begin to work in historical archives, trying to find places of battles, the loss of ships, to provide a historical picture of the event. Fischer worked as a team of a hundred people, most of which analyze trade reporting and port books. For example, if a laden ship goods out of the designated point, but has not reached its goal, it is worth wondering whether happened en route any sea battles or possibly hurricanes. ” – ‘But it’s important not to forget the legal side of the issue.

Not so long ago, on an island off the coast of Chile, a group of searchers found buried pirate treasure Esteban Echeverria, which is estimated at 10 billion dollars! Chilean authorities have declared a national treasure was found. And under U.S. law: the found treasure to be shared with the government only if they are found in less than 24 miles from shore. According to the Brussels Convention 1910 years, found treasures in the neutral waters belong to the finder. “

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